Is the ridegrade inspection report the same as carfax/ autocheck?

ridegrade inspection report is different from car history reports. ridegrade reports provide the current condition of cars, covering the cosmetic, mechanical, electrical and electronics components. The ridegrade report also includes a complimentary copy of carfax/autocheck report, which is the historical report about the car.

Can I complete the car buying process online?

faqYes! You can complete the whole car purchase online. The inspection report is detailed enough for you to rely on. It’s all the Warranty providers need to sell you protection. You can also take advantage of the finance, document handling, insurance and auto delivery services that are conveniently available on our platform. 

Does ridegrade charge dealer fees?

Ridegrade is not a used car dealership and does not charge dealer fees. We are a used car marketplace, providing used car exchange resources exclusively for actual car owners and buyers. You only pay to get your car inspected.

Do I have to buy the used car enabling services available on the ridegrade platform?

faqYou do not have to buy any of the car sales enabling services. The finance, warranty, document handling, insurance, and auto delivery services are all optional. You get to choose what you need.

Can I order inspection but not have my car listed?

Yes, you can order Inspection for your private sale and you can choose not have your car listed. Not listing will also not affect your access to easy finance, warranty, insurance and delivery.

How do I sell my car on ridegrade?

faqSimply fill out your details on the “add your car” page, pay for the inspection, and a ridegrade agent will contact you to inspect your car and take pictures.

Where is my car kept while listed?

Your get to keep your car, and keep driving it while it is listed. You are however obliged to report any changes in condition between the inspection and the sale.

Can I still sell my car offline

You can definitely sell your car offline. We even provide you with resources to enhance your car display offline. you can download and print window stickers and QR code link to the inspection report.

Where will the inspection be performed

faqThe inspection will be done at your location of choice; work, home, or anyplace you are allowed to park and inspect your car

What if my car does not drive?

faqWe inspect all cars, because there are buyers for cars in all condition, even the ones that don’t drive. Cars have more value when they drive though.

what if my registration and insurance have expired?

faqWe can still inspect your car with expired documents, however, we cannot test drive without valid papers. Please note that this can affect the car value.

Do I have to be present for the inspection?

faqWe only require the presence of any authorized adult.

Do I have to get finance, warranty and Document handling through the ridegrade platform?

faqYou do not have to use any of the sales enabling services if you don’t need them. Even though we curate the platform for the best services available, you retain the choice to choose what’s best for you!

Do I have to utilize Document handling services when I get finance from the ridegrade platform?

faqIt depends on the finance provider you choose from the platform. Some providers require document handlers,and others do not.

What do document handlers do?

faqDocument handlers verify, prepare, and manage titles, titling, registration, and all car ownership related documents. Some finance providers insist on working with document handlers to protect all parties involved.